About Us

Welcome to the Locker Room

shutterstock_110168510We are a full service salon with state-of-the-art equipment, but that’s not what makes us different. A salon is a place where you get your haircut, but a locker room gets you ready to win. That’s exactly the experience we try to create for everyone who comes through our doors.

After a lot of conversations with friends, brainstorming with each other, and lots of research we opened the Locker Room in 2012 to get families ready to win.

So, what exactly do we do differently?


Fun, Easy, and Full Service

All of those conversations led to so many good ideas, but we had to boil it all down to the most important ones. Fun, Easy, and Full Service. If we could accomplish these three things, we knew that Locker Room would be ready.


Fun for Kids, Easy for Mom

Have you ever looked at your son’s hair and dreaded the idea of taking them to your run-of-the-mill hair place?

First, you’ll have to convince them it’s not going to take FOREVER! Then, you’ll have to argue with them about having nothing to do while you’re waiting, well, FOREVER!

After a long conversation, you’ll arrive and sit down on hard plastic chairs just to be forced to look at picture books of hairstyles from 1997.

All while trying to keep your kids calm.

IMG_2821You don’t have to worry about that at Locker Room. We make the task of getting your kid’s hair cut as enjoyable and fun as possible!

With TVs to watch and checkers to play, your little guy won’t get bored. Our staff is great with kids too, so he’ll be ready to come back next time.

Remember that FOREVER thing? It won’t have to happen with our “call ahead seating” that you can do right online




What About Guys?

We may be fun for kids, but we are a blast for men. You’ll be treated to an experience that blurs the line between relaxation time and the to-do list. Locker Rooms are supposed to be a place to get hydrated, watch tape, and get ready to win. A place for men are treated like men.  Imagine having a cold refreshing beverage on us just for coming.

Barber giving man haircut, close-up, rear view

Then, catching up on scores while getting your hair washed or relaxing during the final seconds of the game while getting your whiskers straight razor shaved by a highly skilled woman barber.

You’ll find it all and more at Locker Room.


Full Service is Our Story

You can find a full list of what we have to offer on our services page, but what we offer is part of who we are and how we are different. When we had the idea for Locker Room, it didn’t come to pass overnight. We had to keep taking our little boy to get his haircut knowing that it didn’t have to be a bad experience.

Every time we went, it would fuel the fire of our passion and give us more ideas to create the best boy and men’s grooming experience around. Now our dream is realized and we believe that we have created the hair salon that will delight guys of all ages, and moms, you’ll love it too!

Guys can go anywhere to get their haircut, but it’s almost like they don’t belong. Which is unfortunate considering all of the unique salon needs that are unique to men. We can shave with the precision of a straight edged blade, trim your beard to look exactly how you want, or wax unwanted hair from your face.

If you’re really trying to get ready for the second half, you can get the Coach’s Choice which includes a scalp massage and hot towel to help shake off the day. The time in between that initial conversation and our opening day took a while, but when June 9th, 2012 came we knew it was worth all the work we had done.

So come in, enjoy a beverage on us, browse our merchandise and enjoy a nice, relaxing, hair experience for guys!

Michael and Jennifer Melching

Founders – Locker Room Hair Salon, Inc.